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Is Fingerprinting Lock Technology Really Good?

Fingerprinting locks have taken the world by storm when it comes to providing security. Fingerprinting technology is now being used everywhere, from government organizations to to big corporations to now even schools and hospitals.

There are many reasons why fingerprinting locks are so much in demand. They are quicker, give more security and above all, are said to be foolproof. They also remove the need for you to carry keys and cards as your finger works as a key, which isn’t something you have to remember to carry.

But, do they really do all that they promise? Let’s have a look:

Security Of Fingerprinting Locks

Since no two people have the same fingerprint structure, it is safe to assume that fingerprinting locks are very secure. No other person can access the lock other than the person authorized to do so.

Fingerprinting locks can’t be broken unlike normal locks, neither you would have to worry about losing the keys. Other than that, fingerprinting locks have made ATM machines secured as well. There is always a risk of your credit card getting into wrong hands, but with fingerprinting there is no such risk.

Fingerprinting Locks Are Everywhere

While these locks provide amazing security for your business place or to secure your assets, they can also be used in your homes. Installing fingerprinting locks at your home is an investment as it will give you peace of mind and a sense of security.

Fingerprinting locks are seen in most of the industries such as in school and college libraries to check out books, canteen shops to order meals on behalf of your student account etc. Other industries where fingerprinting technology is used include banks, government agencies and many more. They are also used to identify people. For example, if you go to a bank to unlock your lock, you can use fingerprinting to get access. You can keep important documents like US waiver 1192 form in such locks without any trouble.

Fingerprinting Locks For Smartphones

It can be frustrating to see a friend, a sibling or some person accessing your phone without your consent. While there are options to keep others from using your phone such as pattern lock, password lock etc, still, these security locks can be forgotten or hacked. However, a fingerprinting lock makes sure that no one else other than the person authorized uses the phone.

Why Fingerprinting Locks?

  • They Are Affordable

As far as the price of fingerprinting locks are concerned, they are affordable. All that you need to consider is your budget and see which fingerprinting lock best suit your needs. They go for as low as $20, however you should look at quality as well since cheap fingerprinting locks do not provide the same security that high quality locks do.

  • They Are User Friendly

Fingerprinting locks are user friendly and can be installed at workplaces, homes and institutions without going through any hassle. Normally, they come with instruction manuals on how to operate them and how to give authorization to specific people, however, if you get confused, you can hire a technician to install it for you and set up the authorization of the employees.

  • Low Maintenance And A Longer Life

These locks require almost no maintenance at all. You won’t have to call a technician to get it checked every two months. Opting for fingerprinting locks is a great choice because they have longer lives than traditional security methods.