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The Complete List of Q4 2016 Hedge Fund Letters to Investors

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**Updated 2/17/17 for the Morgan Creek, Long Cast, Maglan, and QV26 letters, and to update the Rhizome link.

Here is a list of hedge fund letters and reports written to investors, summarizing 2016 performance and giving outlooks for 2017. The letters in this list are from the top hedge funds and the most successful value investing firms in the world.

Credit goes to Reddit/r/SecurityAnalysis, which compiled most of this list. The list currently sits at 87. If you have anymore hedge fund letters or reports – especially ones with a value investing focus – please send them my way! I’ll keep this list updated as more hedge fund letters roll in.

As a side note, Buffett’s 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Letter will be released on Saturday morning on February 25th.


Investment Firm Date Posted
Crescat Capital January 11
Eden Alpha January 11
Howard Marks Memo January 11
Vltava Fund January 11
Weitz Investment Management January 11
Bill Gross January Newsletter January 12
Greenwood Investors January 12
KKR Global Macro Outlook January 12
Oakmark Funds January 12
Bronte Capital January 13
Wedgewood Partners January 13
Woodford Funds January 13
Bill Miller Outlook January 17
Dodge & Cox Funds January 17
Blue Tower Asset Management January 18
Euclidean Capital January 18
JDP Capital January 18
Lemelson Capital January 18
Greenlight Capital January 18
Aristotle Capital Management January 19
Arquitos Capital January 19
Cowan Asset Management January 19
Askeladden Capital January 20
EdgePoint Wealth January 20
Fundsmith Equity Fund January 20
Open Square Capital January 20
MSA Capital January 22
First Eagle Funds January 24
Half Moon Capital January 24
Reading Capital January 24
Blackrock January 25
Hazelton Capital January 25
Longleaf Partners January 25
Maglan Capital January 25
GMO January 26
RLT Capital January 26
Firebird Management January 27
Kennox Value Fund January 27
Pershing Square Holdings Presentation January 27
RV Capital January 27
Vina Capital January 27
Goodhaven Funds January 28
Greenhaven Road Capital January 28
Absolute Return Partners – January January 30
Alluvial Capital January 30
Apollo Investment Management January 30
Artko Capital January 30
Broadrun Investment Management January 30
Broadview Capital January 30
Horizon Kinetics January 30
Mott Capital January 30
FPA Capital Fund January 31
Laughing Water Capital January 31
Fairholme Funds February 01
Absolute Return Partners – February February 02
Third Point Capital February 02
Brandes Investment Partners February 03
Mittleman Brothers February 03
Lakewood Capital February 04
Margate Capital February 04
Maverick Capital February 04
Viking Global February 04
Hayden Capital February 06
Sound Shore Fund February 06
Tweedy Browne February 06
FPA Crescent Fund February 07
Grey Owl Capital February 07
Sequoia Fund February 07
Avenir Capital February 08
IP Capital Partners February 08
Pzena Investment Management February 08
Third Avenue Funds February 08
Bill Gross Outlook – February February 09
S&C Messina Capital February 09
Vulcan Value Partners February 09
JMX Capital February 10
Moab Partners February 10
Ophir Asset Management February 10
Split Rock Capital February 10
Baupost Group February 11
Evermore Value Fund February 13
Saber Capital Management February 13
Rhizome Partners **NEW** February 14
Morgan Creek Capital **NEW** February 15
Long Cast Advisers **NEW** February 16
Maglan Capital – January Letter **NEW** February 16
QV26 **NEW** February 17