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Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting 2015

Day 1: Friday

Well it was an incredibly long day today – I woke up at 3:30am to catch a 5:00am flight into Des Moines, IA before driving into Omaha – but I had a ton of fun. I spent most of the day in the CenturyLink convention center checking out all the exhibits (there were so many!), shopping, meeting a ton of interesting people, and “elephant bumping” and rubbing shoulders with the senior management of a lot of Berkshire’s subsidiaries. I even saw Howard, Susie, and Peter – Warren’s 3 children (although at 55-60 years old, they’re no longer children).

After the convention center, I checked out Berkshire Hathaway’s offices and Warren’s home. A couple of fun facts about his house and office:

  • His house is on the same street (Farnam Street) as Berkshire’s offices (about a 5 minute drive).
  • Farnam Street is a 2 lane street and in the morning, traffic runs only West to East (into the city); in the evening, the flow of traffic switches to East to West only (out of the city).
  • Warren bought his house for $31,500 in 1958 (the equivalent of $260,500 in today’s dollars). He’s never moved.
  • Only 21 Berkshire employees work in the office building (called Kiewit Plaza). Warren’s been working in that same office building since 1962.

I didn’t see Warren, but I did meet his very nice neighbors – they fed me pulled pork sandwiches and draught beer from the Farnam House Brewery Company. I also learned that they operate The Chilko Experience – a wilderness resort in British Columbia, Canada. The pictures look amazing and they said they have a private 5-star chef on site… Check it out!

Afterward, I headed over to Borsheim’s Cocktail Reception. There was music, dancing, free drinks, and free food.

For pictures of the entire day’s events, take a look at the Vintage Value Twitter page. And don’t forget to check out the Twitter page tomorrow as I’ll be live tweeting everything that Charlie and Warren say!

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