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The Top Grossing Movies of All-Time

In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards this Sunday, here are the 50 top grossing movies of all-time.

Looks like 2015 was the year of the blockbuster – 5 of the top 11 grossing movies of all-time were released in 2015.

The Top Grossing Movies of All-Time

I was curious as to what Warren Buffett’s favorite movie is, but I couldn’t find any information online.

Apparently, though, Warren’s a huge Breaking Bad fan. In 2013 Buffett said in an interview:

“This is my No. 1 show, by far. [Walter White] is a great businessman… He’s my guy if I ever have to go toe-to-toe with anyone.”

And Buffett’s only tweeted 7 times since 2013, but one of them was actually this one:

Warren Buffett Twitter - Walter White

  • Anonymous

    Dear VV, I’ve really enjoyed your latest series centered around the upcoming Academy Awards — learned a lot too on the industry from reading your articles. Re Uncle Warren, maybe not a long shot that he’ll be pulling for The Big Short — graphic depiction about crusade for intrinsic value, company and government transparency, centered around something everyone understands – houses – and in the end a huge pay-out 🙂 Keep up the great work VV! Hattie