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VV Reads, Vol. 51: Capitalism, Short-Termism, and Don’t Play Chicken with Warren Buffett

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Chart of the Week

Books (Old School)

Links (Digital)

  • Capitalism the Apple Way vs. Capitalism the Google Way (The Atlantic)
  • The Answer to Short-Termism Isn’t Asking Investors to Be Patient (HBR)
  • One Game Warren Buffett Doesn’t Play: Chicken (WSJ)
  • What are examples of sustainable competitive advantages? (Quora)
  • Elon Musk calls Tesla’s stock overvalued; shares drop (CNBC)
  • Sprint’s Chairman Has Engaged Warren Buffett About Investment (WSJ)
  • A Shipping Company’s Bizarre Stock Maneuvers Create High Seas Intrigue (WSJ)
  • Why Simple Beats Complex (A Wealth of Commonsense)
  • Bill Gates and Warren Buffett agree all entrepreneurs need this one quality (MarketWatch)
  • How economics became a religion (The Guardian)
  • How To Read More — A Lot More (Thought Catalog)

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